Other writing I’ve been doing.

As I’ve said previously I’ve been neglecting script writing to write all manner of other things. Not sure why, it seems like a poor choice of procrastination.

I’ve been writing some poems, something I find very therapeutic but not necessarily something I know much about, so I thought I’d post one here and hopefully someone will give me some feedback.

I’m also working on a story. not sure if it’s a short story or not yet, I guess it depends on how much I write. It’s another science fiction story about a pandemic that kills exclusively women. The story is about one of the last women alive on earth and how she copes.

I’ve seen a few films and geeky literature about the last man on earth, after disease exclusively kills men. This just seemed like sexual wish fulfilment by the author, the character having his pick of the women. So I wanted to turn the tables and have a world with billions of sexually frustrated men, and hopefully to make a comment about patriarchy and shit.

Here’s a poem I wrote:

She’s gone now,

You slipped and let her go

She walked on ahead and left you alone

And the path you’re treading with your head to the ground

Is thick with kicked up chalky dust

But you keep walking along

in the wake


Wait for it to settle

Find clarity

Seek yourself amongst the rays of light

That seep through the cloud

That you seem to think

Will never dissipate

Take a minute

An hour

The rest of your life

Chasing chaos feels good for brief moments

But I know you’re only really running scared and alone

From the deafening quiet in your head


Stop and listen

When the ringing silence stops

Which it eventually will

As all things do

You’ll find yourself sitting peacefully with a weary smile

In the grass on the side of the road.


One thought on “Other writing I’ve been doing.

  1. Thanks for posting your poetry Frank! I love poetry and, like you, I find it very therapeutic. I particularly like:
    “And the path you’re treading with your head to the ground
    Is thick with kicked up chalky dust”.
    It feels very real and visceral.

    I’m procrastinating to beat the band too! I’m just back from a meeting about developing a webseries, ’cause I’ve nothing else to be doing. Right?

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