Writing in Japan

Its been a while since Ive written anything in this blog. Ive moved to Japan, and have been working as an English teacher for just over a year. In that time I`ve thought a lot about writing non-ficiton as well as fiction and think my main ambition at this stage would be to finish a book manuscript.

Im currently working on a science fiction book, in a 1 month 50 thousand word writing challenge. So I have 31 days to finish. Im also about 35 thousand words into a non ficiton book looking at the differences between Japan and the U.K. as island nations and how its shaped them. Both projects are surprisingly keeping my  interest and Im hoping I can get at least one finished before February.

The idea is to start writing in my blog again as a motivation tool.


Heres the prologue to the Science fiction novel Im writing:

  • What do you know about it?
  • My knowledge isn`t complete. I certainly don`t know as much as I should anyway. Should have learned more. Thought I had more time.
  • Yes, you probably should have. You had enough time to learn. We’ll be in the system soon.
  • I`m sorry.
  • It`s not that important. That’s why they’ve sent us both I think. But, you have learnt about them? I`d like it if you could stick to analysing the creatures and I’ll stick to the logistics. At least for now.
  • Yes. Of course.
  • So. Tell me about them. You have observations recorded?
  • Yes. Several. Where to begin? Of course they are strange, how could they not be? Their deaths are very sad. Their lives are rather short and brutal. They move quickly and driven by some bizarre emotional impulses.
  • Like what?
  • Their main motivations, as far as I can see are three fold. Firstly to replicate themselves, in a similar way to us I suppose, but they are brutal. They force each other violently to reproduce. They become insatiable, unstable, and dangerous when they are aroused, it`s difficult to watch. Secondly, they have a great need to be the most powerful in their group, they constantly compete for this power. They torture, assassinate, murder, lie. All kinds of horrors. Not unlike we used to do I suppose, but it seems hard wired in them, they are warlike in all of their pursuits. And thirdly, they like to collect things, often greedily. The dried skin and skeletons of others they have killed, whole chambers full of the meat of their enemies.
  • Wait. What? They eat each other?
  • That`s just the tip of the iceberg. They behave like savages. They kill each other and then tear the flesh from the dead bodies and eat it. They`ve enslaved many of the sub species so they can harvest their flesh as well.
  • How many sub species are there?
  • Thousands, millions even.  
  • But the main species, the dominant one, how do they co-ordinate, do they govern themselves as we do?
  • Of course they do. Though there are thousands of tribes, with different ideas. Their history is littered with brutal warfare, often about who has the right idea.
  • And? Have they agreed yet?
  • Somewhat. But as I said, their basic behaviours seem hardwired, they are not content with peace.
  • This is insane. You’re sure about all of this?
  • Yes, as much as I could be in the time we had. I`ve simply observed and reported. Do you know their creator only filled one planet with life in the whole Galaxy? That’s them.
  • Yes, I read that much at least. It probably got scared when it saw what it had done.
  • Those things get scared?
  • Well, maybe not scared. Not in the way we understand it anyway. Maybe it felt regret? Or something like that. Whatever it felt, it knew what it was doing was forbidden. It knew there would be some kind of consequence.
  • What’s the planet`s designation again?
  • 386
  • How do you say it in their words?
  • Terra? Earth? They’re both ok I think. I’ll try both of them see which one they like. They have many languages though, those are just the two it often comes up as. Are we really going to destroy it?
  • Well not the planet, just the creatures. Everything that lives. Unless we find the creator of course. But even then we will still most likely have to. It cannot live without them, much in the same way we cannot live without our creator.
  • Do you know, for entertainment, they make dramatic videos about alien species invading their planet, and then they fight them off?
  • Really? Why?
  • They like fighting. And I think maybe they’re lonely.
  • So they want to meet new species to fight them?
  • Maybe? They’re probably not as bad as I`ve made out. They have some redeeming qualities.
  • Oh really? Because you’ve not sold them to me as something worth saving so far.
  • Maybe not. I guess we`ll find out soon enough. We’re getting two right?
  • It`s entirely up to you. As I`ve said, you’re in charge of the creatures. They sound awful, I`m feeling less and less enthusiastic about the whole thing everytime you mention them.
  • Yes. I sort of know what you mean. The planet though. It’s beautiful. It will be worth seeing.
  • Oh really?
  • Yes. The creator’s masterpiece. I could look at it all day.  
  • Any ideas on where it could be? The creator?
  • A few ideas. Mostly guesses. The creatures though, the humans. They`ve been looking for it since it left. They`ve fought over it.
  • Ha. Of course they have.
  • They couldn’t find it though.
  • Of course not, they’re simple. They’ve never looked in the right place. I`m going to sleep. Wake me when you’ve chosen a couple.
  • Different genders?
  • How many genders are there?
  • Just two.
  • Get two then. As we discussed. What about the subspecies?
  • If you like? Maybe a few of the more intelligent ones?
  • That`s entirely up to you. Why do you look so excited?
  • Because it`s exciting. Don’t you think so?
  • Wake me up once you’ve chosen. We’ll be there soon.




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