Current projects


Mind fly’ 

A short sci fi story set aboard a lonley research space station. An incredible scientific breakthrough and the implications of mind reading lead to some complicated moral dilemas, and tension between the scientists lead them to use their new found technology in questionable ways.

‘Phantom pain’ 

A short horror story:  A man awakens in hosptial after a horrific accident, all he can remember is a burning car and a dying man. His hand is missing, and so are most of his memories. Things become worse as the phantom pain in his missing hand takes him on strange and troubling journey of recall.


A dark comedy film script: Whilst sat watching the clock in another boring lecture, a student is suddenly awoken by the brains of the student in front of him splattering over his body. An apparent suicide, the student tries to investigate why this happened, as everyone in the faculty collapses into moral panic around him.

Working Title: 22:22

I’m currently working on both a book and screenplay to accompany it. It’s a sci-fi set in a dystopian 22nd century Britain, in which the population has become unmanageable and the climate is dangerously warm. It’s mostly inspired by fatalistic predictions of the future, overpopulation, climate change, technology replacing the workforce etc. Aesthetically I’ve been very inspired by the dystopian urban scenes from Children of Men and Looper, and am hoping to have a similar macabre feel to it. The story is centred around a police officer who suffers from claustrophobia and anxiety, he struggles with his work, but to have a good job in this world is priceless. He is a selfish character and often chooses isolation but struggles with many of the scenes he encounters as a result of food shortages and overpopulation, as the story develops he struggles with many moral choices, does he shy away from the world or help as he should?


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